The Proper Use of Voucher Code Helps to Drive Sales in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is such an aggressive industry that without offering at least lucrative commission, an advertiser will merely not be able to draw attention of affiliates who will devote their time in helping to construct a flourishing brand.

Running your campaigns with Voucher Code is a great way to expand your reach, boost brand awareness and rack up more conversions. Only proper use of Voucher Code can do it.

Read more to find out how you can achieve your affiliate marketing goals through the proper use of Voucher code. All you need to do is follow our simple advices.

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Adwalnut: Going to Unveil Some Electrifying Features in the Upgrade Version

Responses have been implausible over the last few months from clients of Adwalnut ( Customer priority has always been an important part of upgradation. We are now improving day by day. We are now in a shape from where we can cater to the need of our clients by empowering them with some new and exciting features which really help them to reach new heights.

Highlights of Upcoming Features
> Offer Blacklisting
> Offer URL and Creative Filter in Report
> Bulk Export Excel in Report
> Video Creative – YouTube
> Multiple Payout and Currency
> Affiliate Bank Details

An Overview of Upcoming Features
Offer Blacklisting

Offer blacklisting is a one kind of features by which admin or advertiser can block blacklisted IP address. It helps to prevent fraud during multiple clicks from single IP while a campaign is running on.

Offer URL and Creative Filter in Report
a) Offer URL Filter in Report

Adwalnut introduces Offer URL filter report by which admin or advertiser easily knows the unique URL based specific reports. Through this feature he can easily understand which URL is performing better.
b) Creative Filter in Report
While running a campaign there are so many different Creatives like Image Banner, Flash banner, HTML Ads, and Email Creative or there are same multiple Creatives. In that scenario through this new feature advertiser easily understands which creative is performing better. On the base of the report advertiser can choose the performing Creative.

Bulk Export Excel in Report
Adwalnut introduces Bulk Export Excel in the report section. Now admin or advertiser can export the entire report in an excel file quite easily.

Video Creative – YouTube
This is surely going to be a very interesting feature for customers. Now they can use YouTube videos as Creatives and run the campaign successfully.

Multiple Payout and Currency
a) Multiple Payout Types

The payout value is the amount that admins are paying to the affiliate for each conversion that they sent to the network. Through this awesome feature admin can choose different types of pay out, like CPL, Fixed Rate Hybrid (CPS+CPC), Revenue Shared and Tiered. It enhances marketing opportunities through lot of affiliates.
b) Multiple Currency Types
i) Different Currency for Payin

Through this feature admin can receive revenue in home currency and pay to affiliate in their preferred currency.
ii) Different Currency for Payout
Usually the network is working in US Dollars and assume business partner like one affiliate working in Euros and another affiliate working in Indian Rupees. In this aspect this feature gives you control over preferred currency payout. So Euro using affiliate gets commission in Euro and INR using affiliate gets commission in Indian Rupees.
Affiliate Bank Details
This feature gives you control over payment details. Affiliate can provide billing details like A/c number, IFSC, IBAN code and many more in an easy manner. So admin can easily pay them without any hassle.

Adwalnut is a perfectly one man army for networks and advertisers with its variety of features. We are extremely delighted to develop the aforesaid features for our valued customers. For more details please sign up for free demo

S2S Tracking Helps To Reduce Affiliate Fraud

“Server to Server Cookie-Less Tracking Helps
to Reduce Affiliate Fraud in Affiliate Marketing”

Affiliate marketing offers an abundance of opportunities that networks can grab upon to flourish vibrant online business. One of the most important objectives of Affiliate marketing is conversion. But currently Affiliate fraud is very common problem for us.

As online fraud increases, so does the jeopardy of being a sufferer of affiliate marketing fraud. But advanced techniques like Server to Server Cookie-less tracking can help to reduce the potential of affiliate fraud.

An important thing about affiliate marketing is that small changes often have significant results. So if your goal is to sell more from affiliate marketing without any affiliate fraud then please download the e-book and implement these advanced proven techniques.

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Adwalnut – Key Insights of Affiliate Billing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing approach where affiliates promote merchants’ products and services and in return they receive payment for each sale.

Networks Concern about Payment
Sometimes ad networks are concerned how they will manage to pay all of the affiliates for promoting their products. Because they are dealing with numerous affiliates so they are getting perplexed. Affiliate billing gets rid of this problem.

Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application easily takes care of it through affiliate billing. In Adwalnut panel it is known as Inward Invoice. It is one of the paramount options because it shows pay out for affiliates. Through affiliate billing ad-networks easily create bill for affiliates without any miscommunication. Adwalnut’s billing option is immensely flexible and provides numerous advantages that you won’t get with any other application; they include Affiliate Billing, Auto Generated Billing, Tax, Fixed commission, Adjustment and many more.

Classifications of Affiliate Billing
Auto Generated Affiliate Billing: It is one of the unique features of Adwalnut. Ad-networks need not to be bothered about billing. It generates time to time accordingly. But after generating automatically it has to be shared manually and if any discrepancy is found then it can be audited. As far as auto generated invoices are concerned, admin just enable this feature from the Affiliate settings and choose any one of the following:
i) Weekly iv) Two Months
ii) Bimonthly v) Quarterly
iii) Monthly

Manually Generated Affiliate Billing: User can create bill manually also.
(An overview of Inward Invoice)

Key Highlights
Admin can insert Tax in the invoice quite comfortably.
In the panel there are two options Half Paid and Full Paid. Admin can create invoice with half paid or full paid.
In case of Half paid and Full Paid admin user can create Inward Invoice receipt where total amount will be mentioned.
It can be downloaded in PDF format.
After creating the Invoice Admin can easily shares it with affiliates.
Affiliates can see the invoice from their panel without any difficulty.

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14 Smart And Latest Features Of SaaS Based Application

Conversions are the most important metric for affiliate or performance marketing. By increasing your conversion rate, your business will generate more revenue and at the end of the month you can build larger corpus.

The great thing about online business is that a small change can make a huge difference. No matter what type of product you sell, every advertiser has one key goal: sell more of it.

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An Outlook of Advertiser Billing in a Renowned SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application

Affiliate marketing is growing very fast since its inception. It changes the perception of online business. Affiliate marketing can make financial dreams come true. Advertisers embraced this concept of marketing with open arms to fulfill their financial dreams.

Category of Billing in Adwalnut Panel
In Adwalnut panel there are two types of billing. Advertiser billing and Affiliate billing. In the Adwalnut panel Advertiser billing is known as Outward Invoice and Affiliate Billing is known as Inward Invoice. Here we have discussed about Advertiser Billing or Outward Invoice.

Concept of Advertiser Billing/Outward Invoice in Adwalnut Panel
Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides all advanced features like S2S, 26 E-commerce Parameters, Alert, Real Time Report, Billing and many more quite conveniently. As mentioned earlier in the Adwalnut panel Advertiser billing is known as Outward Invoice. Outward Invoice summarizes the total revenue earnings of the advertiser. ‘Admin’ user can generate invoices for each advertiser user. When an advertiser user has paid in an invoice, admin user can mark it as paid and this will reconcile the outstanding balance for the advertiser’s user account. Once the invoice is completed then the admin user shares it to the advertiser user so that it gets visible to the advertiser user panel in the Outward Invoice section.

Features of Outward Invoice
1. Admin can create Outward Invoice without any hassle.
2. Admin chooses particular Advertiser’s company name to create Outward Invoice.
3. In Adwalnut panel admin only chooses particular offer’s name and the rest of the column like Revenue type, Quantity, Rate, Amount is getting filled automatically.
4. Admin can insert Tax in the invoice quite comfortably.
5. User can add row in the tabular form of the invoice instantly.
6. As well as admin user can delete the row from the tabular form.
7. Admin user can print the Invoice merely.
8. Simultaneously admin can print the invoice in Letterhead. In this aspect admin has the option to customize the logo which he wants to be in the saved invoice.
9. Admin user can also add and delete Remarks.
10. In the panel there are two options Half Paid and Full Paid. Admin can create invoice with half paid or full paid.
11. In case of Half paid and Full Paid admin user can create Outward Invoice receipt where total amount will be mentioned.
12. It can be downloaded in PDF format.
13. After creating the Invoice Admin can easily shares it with advertisers.
14. Advertisers can see the invoice from their panel without any difficulty.

A Quick Overview of Outward Invoice
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Density of Custom Variables in a Renowned Affiliate Tracking Application

What is Custom Variables?
Custom variables are used to pre-populate the fills of the form on the landing page. Pre-populate means the field has been automatically filled in. Advertiser user passes information like name, email-id, and many more through custom variables and information passed to the form to be automatically populated in the fields.

What is the function of Custom Variables in Adwalnut panel?
Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application provides a robust tool known as Custom Variables. Through custom variables advertisers can specify which variables can be passed through to the offer URL and advertisers can append these values to their tracking links through custom variables field, because of that values can be passed through quite conveniently.

Skin Textures of Custom Variables in Adwalnut panel.
While triggering the tracking link, custom variables will be passed through to the offer URL.
> Easily passes crucial information like Name, Email id and so on.
> There is no limit for adding custom variables to an offer tracking link.
> Advertisers can append values to their offer tracking links quite easily.
> Robust, reliable, and easy to implement.

Implementation of Custom Variables
Implementation of custom variables in Adwalnut panel is quite straightforward. To implement it in the Adwalnut panel advertisers need to follow the following steps:
(a) Enables Custom Variables in Custom Tracking Setting
1. Go to Home option then go to Offer.
2. After that go to Custom Tracking Setting under Offer.
3. Enabled Custom Variables option.
4. After that just Save Custom Tracking Setting.

(b) Adding Custom Variables to Tracking Link
In the Adwalnut panel Advertisers specified which variables can be passed through to the offer URL and they can append these values to their tracking links through custom variables field.
1. Go to Tracking option.
2. Select particular Affiliate’s name.
3. After that simply check on the Custom Variables checkbox.
4. After checking on, Variable and Value boxes are coming.
5. Then simply input in boxes “Name” as Variable and “Samuel” as Value. As far as Email id is concerned input “Email id” as Variable and “” as Value.
6. After that just click on the update button.
7. Custom Variables are successfully added at tracking link.

The tracking link looks like before appending Custom Variables

The tracking link looks like after appending Custom Variables
After appending values like Variable as “Name” and Value as “Samuel” as well as Variable as “Email id” and Value as “” then tracking link looks like
While triggering the above link, the custom variables will be passed through to the offer URL.

Affiliate Marketing changes the concept of online business drastically. Adwalnut a perfect affiliate tracking application would be a true friend of networks. Here discussed about Custom Variables. Apart from that there are many more advanced features in Adwalnut panel, like 26 E-commerce parameters, S2S, Masked URL, Alert and so on. To know about them please visit our blog Therefore, switching to the Adwalnut is no longer a choice but a strategic necessary.Simultaneously, to know about Creation and Implementations of Additional Offer URL in a SaaS based platform please download our latest E-book “Necessity And Implementations Of Additional Offer URL In A SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application”

Necessity and Implementations of Additional Offer URL

A view of hosting images separately while using email creative

The deep impulses that drive Affiliate Marketing substantially now a days. In the tracking application Creatives are an integral part while running a campaign. Proper Email Creative can enhance traffic severely as well as hosting images separately would be ideal to drive sales.

We not only provide simplicity but also help to extent your business to superior level. So be a rebellion and try something new. Dare to be different.

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Necessity and Implementations of Additional Offer URL

Performance Marketing has become the grass roots of online business. Advertisers love affiliate marketing because it involves minimal risk. Offers are the core of performance marketing and Affiliate tracking link is the hub of offers which is used to redirect traffic to the offer landing page. Periodically in offers will have more than one landing page where advertisers want to send traffic.

Sometimes advertisers are puzzled because they don’t want to create new offer for each landing page. In this aspect the concept of Additional Offer URL solves this crisis quite a lot. Through Additional Offer URLs advertises can add unique multiple links to offers. But how?

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An Abstract of Masked URL in a Renowned SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application

What is a Masked URL in Adwalnut Panel?
Masked URL plays a significant role in Adwalnut Panel. Masked URL is a third party URL which allows advertiser to gather information in a third party application. So when user will click on the campaign of the Adwalnut tracking link, first it will redirect to Masked URL and then to the Landing page URL. Advertiser must state the Masked URL in the offer details form while creating an offer. Masked URL can be different or same as Landing Page URL but it cannot be left blank.
What is the Purpose of Masked URL?
Suppose there is an advertiser who uses third party application. There is a network admin who uses Adwalnut for running his affiliate business. Actually network admin gives login credentials to advertiser user. After login into the panel advertiser can create an offer with Creatives, Landing Page URL and Masked URL. Through Masked URL advertiser gathers information about clicks. Basically Masked URL is often used with a tracking application that helps advertiser to track who clicked on links and where the clicks are coming from. When user clicks on the masked link, Adwalnut along with advertiser will gather information, and redirect to the Landing Page URL.

How Masked URL works in Adwalnut Panel?
Masked URL means a third party URL by which advertiser accumulates information about clicks. Advertiser appends parameters (affiliate id, affiliate name, date, and datetime and so on) and the values are passed by the application in the macros. While user clicks on the tracking link first it will redirect to Masked URL then to the Landing Page URL. While clicking on the tracking link of the campaign then information (affiliate name, affiliate id) passes from the Adwalnut’s application and stores on advertisers’ database. Advertisers can see the report from their own third party application accordingly.
Let’s take an example, suppose there is an affiliate company named, Indo Asian and affiliate users whose name is Eliot Hughes and offer name is offer2016. If advertiser wants to see affiliate’s company name, offer name and offer id then advertiser appends macros in the following manner.

Assume this is a Masked URL and macros are &affiliate_name ={affiliate_name} &offer_name={offer_name} &offer_id={offer_id}

After appending macros in the Masked URL it looks like{affiliate_name}&offer_name={offer_name}&offer_id={offer_id}

While advertiser checks click reports then he will find the following report

Please see the screen shot to understand it properly.


Number of Macros in Adwalnut Panel:
Macros are used to pass parameter values; by which database would able to know which values are required to pass. There are 24 kinds of macros in the Adwalnut panel. Like
a) { advertiser_id}:- id of the advertiser user.
b) {affiliate_id) :id of the affiliate user.
c) {adv_sub} Advertiser user sub specified in the conversion pixel / URL.
d) {affiliate_name} Company name of the affiliate user and so on.
e) {offer_name} Name of offer.
f) {offer_id} id of offer.

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How To Append Macros In Adwalnut Panel?
While including Masked URL in the offer details, on that time just append macros in this fashion in the Masked URL{affiliate_name}&offer_name={offer_name}&offer_id={offer_id}

Masked URL constantly plays an important role as far as advertiser point of view is concerned. By providing Masked URL to network admin, advertiser will get crucial information about clicks and the source of clicks. To know more about it please sign up for free demo at