A Brief Overview about Deep-Linking that helps to Enhance Your ROI

What is Deep Linking?
Deep Linking is a feature by which network gives power to an affiliate to build a direct link to a specific product page on the advertiser’s website.

Advantages of Deep Linking
a.Deep Linking eliminates extra clicks because affiliate has the power to build a direct link to a specific page. Let’s take an example suppose an advertiser chooses landing page http://www.adwalnut.com but an affiliate thinks Adwalnut’s pricing page (http://www.adwalnut.com/pricing.php) would be more productive to drive sales. By using Deep Linking he/she can easily do this.

b.If Customer attracts more, then advertiser’s revenue will boost up. Consequently affiliate’s commission will also increase. For more details please sign up now for free demo http://www.adwalnut.com/signup.php

How to Create Deep Linking Link in Adwalnut Application?
In Adwalnut, at the affiliate panel offer, shared by the advertiser that allows the affiliate to build a direct link where traffic will be redirected to.

In the below screen shot an affiliate puts preferred link on Custom URL box and the page will be redirected to that desired URL


For an entire details Please check out our E-book” Deep Linking: Implementations & Advantages in a SaaS Based Application” http://blog.adwalnut.com/2017/02/25/deep-linking-implementations-advantages-in-a-saas-based-application/

Where to Put Conversion Pixel on the Thank You page

1) Suppose this is Your landing page. After filling the form, the visitor clicks on the sign up button. Then Thank You page comes.


2) Suppose this is Your Thank you page and one conversion will happen while signing up by the visitor.


3) For tracking the Conversion just put the entire Conversion pixel on the thank you page. For that just copy the entire Conversion pixel from Tracking Section within Adwalnut panel.


“http://run.adwalnut.com/adTracker?offer_id=5185086794235904&saleAmount={saleAmount}&mode=con” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″

4) Then go to HTML source page of the Thank you page and under body tag paste the conversion pixel.


Security of SaaS Application

Security of SaaS Application
SaaS application has become more vigorously used and integrated into the affiliate marketing processes, impacting the Ad-network from top to bottom. Expand your campaigns and growth with robust SaaS, deliberated to get the best results out of your affiliate marketing.
The following figure illustrates the layered stack for a typical SaaS vendor and highlights critical aspects that covered across layers in order to ensure security of the enterprise data.

The following key security elements carefully followed by Adwalnut while developing
• SaaS deployment model
• Data security
• Network security
• Data segregation
• Backup

SaaS deployment model:
Google app Engine helps to build secure SaaS solution like Adwalnut by providing infrastructure services that aid in ensuring perimeter and environment security. This involves the use of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, etc.

Data security
In the SaaS model, the enterprise data is stored outside the enterprise boundary, at the SaaS vendor end. So, Adwalnut adopting additional security checks to ensure data security and prevent breaches due to security vulnerabilities in the application or through malicious employees. This involves the use of strong encryption techniques for data security and fine-grained authorization to control access to data. Google Cloud Data store automatically encrypts all data before it is written to disk. There is no setup or configuration required and no need to modify the way you access the service. The data is automatically and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.

Network security
In a SaaS deployment model, sensitive data is obtained from the enterprises, processed by the SaaS application and stored at the Adwalnut’s end. All data flow over the network is secured because it involves the use of strong network traffic encryption techniques such as Secure Socket Layer [SSL] and the Transport Layer Security [TLS] for security. Adwalnut follows this quite intensely.

Data segregation
In a mature multi-tenant SaaS architecture, the application instances and data stores are shared across multiple enterprises. This allows Adwalnut to make more efficient use of resources and helps achieve lower costs. At the same time, sufficient security checks have adopted to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access to data of one tenant by users from other tenants. This involves hardening the data store as well as the application to ensure data segregation. Adwalnut’s Employee module perfectly follows this. Here Read/Write option provides data security.

Adwalnut has ensured that all sensitive enterprise data is regularly backed up to facilitate quick recovery in case of disaster.
For more details please check out our website.

Benefits of Pixel Tree in Affiliate Business

The Pixel Tree is a feature in Adwalnut where the user can track the chain through which the Landing Page has been traversed. User can easily trace the path and can detect that if there is any broken link or not.
Benefits of Pixel Tree

After providing the link to the affiliate, the link can be broken anytime. In that case the object of providing link is going to be mess and your affiliate business faces difficulties. In this scenario pixel tree helps you trace that broken link.
Features of Pixel Tree

a) It is a smart affiliate tracking links validate the system that provides both advertisers and affiliates the option to check whether the link is broken or not.
b) It provides chain wise report of the tracking link.
c) It helps to optimize your cost due to tracing of the broken link.



Adwalnut a SaaS based performance application provides Pixel quite robustly. An enormous accuracy and utility that this Pixel Tree services hold, is better and served our clients successfully.

Adwalnut’s User Interface (UI) is Inspired from Google

Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application provides you the power to build your own Enterprise Performance Marketing Solution. Adwalnut’s UI is clearly inspired by Google. Though the technologies used behind Adwalnut are quite complex, they don’t want to portray this complexity in their design. ‘Effortless’ is about keeping the look simple, clean and consistent. Our goal is to give you a more seamless and consistent affiliate marketing experience

1. Material/Flat design: A cleaner and more modern UI for Adwalnut application with a taste of material/flat design. It will give more space to your offers and a more touch-friendly UI to your offer lists page. Google follows the same pattern for their mail box. Check out screen shots to comprehend clearly



2. Google like Dropdown in Adwalnut: For navigating Offers, Advertisers, Affiliates, Reports, Email template, Mail room Adwalnut using dropdown like a Google. It helps to choose the right option according to the need. It provides good navigation. It gives the user freedom to navigate in the most convenient way. On the contrary vertical menus aren’t the best solution for application; they can be creating lot of confusion.


3. Sharing Offer through More Actions: While sharing offer to affiliate in Adwalnut panel, Adwalnut using More Actions dropdown like Google.



Adwalnut is Using Pleasant, Easy-to-Navigate UI like Google

Google is often credited as the pioneer of minimalist web interfaces. Google has prioritized simplicity and austerity in its interfaces ever since its beta offering in the 1990s.The Gmail interface makes Gmail unique amongst webmail systems. Changes have also been introduced to unify the vast range of Google products and bring them together so that the user has a smooth experience as they navigate between products. Adwalnut is using Pleasant, Easy-to-navigate UI like Google.

Google allows the user to focus on the task or job that they want to get done quickly and easily. Google’s UI is able to help its user subconsciously focus on the task that they are trying to accomplish flawlessly. Adwalnut is using the same pattern while creating offers, setting tracking, and so on.

The technologies used behind Adwalnut are quite complex, so we don’t want to portray this complexity in the design. ‘Effortless’ is about keeping the look simple, clean and consistent. Adwalnut’s UI based on, Beauty, Technological Purity and Innovation.

Pleasant, Easy-to-Navigate UI
A GUI’s primary purpose is to make an end user’s job easier. Adwalnut keeps it in mind and provides pleasant, easy to navigate UI. As far as Google is concerned, you are now able to navigate your way around Google’s interface by using the tab or arrow keys.

Minimalist Interface
Google are known for their minimalist interfaces that focus on function over form, yet they clearly spent time polishing off the Chrome user interface elements like buttons and icons to make them look just right as evident by the subtle gradient and pixel thin highlights. These buttons are clear, simple, and concise and demonstrate Google’s design principle of ‘focus’ quite clearly. Adwalnut follows the same as far as buttons are concerned.

Adwalnut is Using Minimalist design like Google

What is Minimalism?
“In computing, minimalism refers to the application of minimalist philosophies and principles in the design and use of hardware and software. Minimalism, in this sense, means designing systems that use the least hardware and software resources possible.”- (Wikipedia).

Features of Minimalism
In other words the goal of minimalism is to present the application in a very simple way. As far as features are concerned, there are some features that most designers can agree upon. These include flat textures, limited color palettes, and the use of negative space.

Google is often credited as the pioneer of minimalist web interfaces. Google has prioritized simplicity and austerity in its interfaces ever since its beta offering in the 1990s.The Gmail interface makes Gmail unique amongst webmail systems. It is based on minimalist design. Adwalnut is using minimalist design like Google. It provides many features such as a standard way to create offers, uploading Creatives, and setting tracking and many more options.

Offers have been Streamlined
Offers in Adwalnut have been totally designed to allow for easier reading when trawling through entire offers. Google follows the same pattern in their products.


Sign In Page
As far as Adwalnut is concerned while loading Sign In page it requires minimum hardware compatibility. A cleaner and more modern UI helps with a taste of flat texture.

Google have introduced a new set of buttons across the range. These buttons are clear, simple, and concise and demonstrate Google’s design principle of ‘focus’ quite clearly. Adwalnut follows the same as far as buttons are concerned.

Reasons to Choose Adwalnut SaaS Platform for Your Affiliate Marketing

Why You choose Adwalnut?
Adwalnut (http://www.adwalnut.com) provides an innovative SaaS based affiliate tracking solution bolstered by advanced features like S2S, Real Time Report, Pixel Tree, Video Creative, Hybrid Payout System (RPS+RPC, CPS+CPC), URL Masking, Deep Linking and many more.

The key to affluent performance marketing lies in the formation of sound relationship between the advertiser and the affiliate. Advertisers clinched this concept of marketing with open arms to fulfill their financial dreams. Adwalnut plays a very vital role in it and it redefines with harness the power of performance marketing. For more details please check out our blog now http://blog.adwalnut.com/

Function of Adwalnut
To construct and nurture a robust business we require technology. In this globe Adwalnut would be a true co-worker of your business. Monitoring performance of your business or product or event campaign with precision -build plans of actions for future. Check us now http://www.adwalnut.com
How Adwalnut Differs from Other Applications

>> Application has developed on reliable “Google Cloud” with 99.99% uptime.
>> Most Budget Friendly application with all possible advanced features.
>> Email, chat & phone support–24×7. (For all Payable Plans)
>> We encouraged our buyers to go for a free demo without Credit/Debit card Details.
>> Customization of Features & Reports available for Enterprise Edition.

Incredible Offer from Adwalnut
Everyone loves offer. That’s why Adwalnut provides 90days free trial for your Affiliate Marketing. To grab this incredible offer please sign up for free demo. http://www.adwalnut.com

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Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides advanced features quite robustly. It is complete, accurate and reliable — ensuring the best results for users.

Deep Linking: Implementations & Advantages in a SaaS Based Application


Deep Linking: Implementations & Advantages in a SaaS Based Application
In performance marketing there are ample opportunities to grow. For that You need accuracy of tracking. In that case a perfect affiliate tracking solution like Adwalnut (http://www.adwalnut.com) guarantees you best deal always. Check out here the best option which is available at very budget friendly prices

Technology is moving very fast. If you want to give power to your affiliate to build a direct link on the advertiser’s website Use always Deep Link or Website Links. It enhances conversion ratio. To know other important Advantages and Implementations Please Download our latest E-book “Deep Linking: – Implementations & Advantages in a SaaS Based Application” now. It not only helps to grow your online business but also provides some useful information.

Deep Linking can be a useful weapon of successful marketing campaign. Read to find out how you can enhance your conversion activities more by clicking here Download.

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Enjoy Reading and Enhance Conversion


Advantages of Using Multiple Unique URL in a SaaS Application

Adwalnut produces a perpetual procedure of growth in Affiliate marketing. Without knowing advancement of Adwalnut it’s like driving performance marketing without any real driver. Check out the real growth driver of performance marketing by clicking here http://www.adwalnut.com

What is Multiple Unique URL?
Advertiser can create multiple unique links which redirected to different landing pages. In Adwalnut panel it is known as Additional offer URL. Let’s take an example to clarify it clearly Suppose in an Email creative there are three links which are redirected to the same landing page at http://www.abc.com . But advertiser wants to provide three different landing pages to affiliate. He can easily do this by using Multiple Unique URL. In this scenario advertiser can create three unique Additional Offer URLs in a SaaS based application known as Adwalnut. Like
1) http://www.adwalnut.com
2) http://www.google.com
3) http://www.yahoo.com

Why we use Multiple Unique Links?
Performance Marketing has become the grass roots of online business. Advertisers love affiliate marketing because it involves minimal risk. Offers are the core of performance marketing and Affiliate tracking link is the hub of offers which is used to redirect traffic to the offer landing page. Periodically in offers will have more than one landing page where advertisers want to send traffic.

Sometimes advertisers are perplexed because they don’t want to create new offer for each landing page. In this aspect the concept of Multiple Unique URL (Additional Offer URL) solves this crisis quite a lot. Through Additional Offer URL advertisers can add unique multiple links to offers. It really increases their productivity.

Implementation of Multiple Unique URL
To know the process of creating Multiple Unique Links (Additional Offer Url) Please Download our E-book now “Necessity and Implementations Of Additional Offer URL In A SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application” The entire E-book irradiates on the topic thoroughly. Please check it. http://bit.ly/2lKcKtU

Video of Multiple Unique URL
To comprehend the topic viewing always plays a very vital role. We understand it. That’s why we make a video for You. Please check out the video now for more clarity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcyZ8eO7DFA&t=11s

Please keep an eye for our Next E-book. The E-book (Deep Linking: – Implementations & Advantages in a SaaS Based Application) covers the topic Deep Linking which is a useful feature in Performance Based Marketing. The E-book will help you immensely.

Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides Additional Offer URL tool quite robustly. By using Adwalnut, advertiser can create multiple Additional Offer URLs without any hassle. Through these links advertisers can send traffic, where they want to send.